Add black shutters get rid of arched windows

Hi, I just found this app and haven’t been very successful yet so need to find some tutorials. In the meantime, we just got new garage doors and I want to add black shutters to the windows above. We are planning to take out the arched portion of the windows to update. If anyone can help or tell me how to go about that I would really appreciate it. iCloud Photos - Apple iCloud

Hi Lisa,

Yes, I think black windows are a great idea.
edit: I see you said black shutters, not black windows. Not sure if you just want black shutters or windows too. Either way you can use the same process for shutters.

Here is the image I came up with:


The video showing the process is below.
I kept all the mistakes so you can see what I changed to work around them when the AI produces results I don’t want. Hopefully that helps.

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