Brown is the new Green?

I’m trying to reskin my front door, but the app frequently just gives me brown as its sample output. In this example I asked for a green door and got 1 green and 3 browns, but it happens with other colors too. And when I tried to do a black door it only gave me brown options. I’ve tried it with the fidelity set at the highest, lowest, and middle and it doesn’t change the output much. Interestingly when I asked for a red door all 4 samples came up red. Odd.

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Yes, this is a common issue.
the reskin model’s understanding of color is poor, we’re hoping to release our next iteration soon.

Also, make sure you make the mask BIGGER than you think, don’t try to be exact, cover the door and then some. If you don’t cover any single pixel of the door, the AI will “see” that pixel and be very resistant to change the color.

And usually it may take a few tries.

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