Exterior help please

I’m trying come up with a plan for our next house. I’ve tried every which way to get this to work but I can’t seem to get it right?

This is the house we currently live in …

I would like to change this section of our house …

To look something Similar to this…

I will use your AI to figure out the rest. But I can’t seem it o get this AI image onto my existing house?

Please help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is our house

This is the section of house I would like to change.

Upper deck- steeper, detailed gables - upstairs french doors.

The three windows on the lower left of the front door need to stay there as they are separate rooms.

The garage side I would like to match in the style of the exterior of the AI drawings I’ve attached.

My head hurts from trying to make this work. Could someone please help me, I’d be forever grateful.

Hi Lynda,
Thank you for sharing the images. I will give this a try later today!

Hi Lynda,

Hope this helps!