Exterior Home Paint Color and Trim

New here but already think this app is superior to anything that I have tried thus far. Too many hours wasted where remodel AI shines! Bravo.

Hoping you can help explain how to add a body color and then a trim color. I tried but failed. My work around is paint body using the bush resulting in a mask and save that photo. Then using the saved photo that the app created to add trim. Problem is the app darkens the roof and doesn’t paint the garage.

I’m attaching photo of the house I’m working on. I removed the tree in front which somewhat destorts the photo but…
Wanting to see some gray SW paint with dark trim. I can visualize chunky trim on windows but would love to add that for others to see. Bonus for help on adding cedar boards above garage but below second story. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to be able to do this myself and change things on my own. Can you help?

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Currently we’re trying to improve the AI to better support exploring colors with the reskin and replace tool.

Here is some ways you can try to explorer different options.

The paint tool is in beta, but worth a try - but we’re also trying to improve the color range and diversity of the reskin tool.