Help me remodel this Alfresco area…please

I would like some help remodeling this alfresco area. Looking to put in a flat ceiling, bring decking up to stair height, install lighter composite decking, enclose ends with either windows or louvres, and replace blinds with a darker colour (charcoal), paint the dark rendered walls light. Would like the space to feel light and bright. Thank you

I played around with this, but I’m not sure what areas you’re looking for suggestions. The area is already really nice. The only thing I could see that might be improved are a ton of work and likely not worth it.

  1. the flooring/boards
  2. the slat wall in the background could be restained or updated
  3. the railing could be a bit more modern

I personally really like the furniture and rugs and especially the fans.

Thank you! We are looking to replace the flooring with a lighter colour like a modified wood, install louvre windows to top section and make ceiling flat. Hoping to be able to use the room more throughout the year.