Help With Two Front 'Entrances'

Just purchased and previous owners made the existing garage into an in-law suite with french doors and small deck. It does not look right to me. Besides paint the home, what can specifically be done to help with curb appeal? My initial thoughts are to remove the deck and replace with a couple of steps that lead to an area of plants/landscaping. That then join with the existing porch. The app is helping a lot but it’s having issues with the small deck area.

This was a fun one.
There are many directions I think you could take this, but here are one that I explored:

Ultimately, AI can just help you play with different approaches and find out which direction you want to go. I don’t think there is one “right answer” in this case.

Really appreciate the time you took with this. Is there a desktop version of the app to make it easier to add or delete areas?


I would use if you are on a desktop
Its basically the app so just use your same account and you’ll have pro. It works best in chrome.