Help with understanding what category to pick for this project

How can I put new wood or stone? For example, on my island? I want to keep the countertop the same what category do I use for that? Thank you.

The reskin tool would probably best the best. This allows you to change the surface look (color/texture) of an object without changing its structure.

So you could “reskin” the cabinets to a different wood, or something of that sort.

You can also still use the interior remodel tool, but in advanced settings add a mask to tell the AI not to change a certain area of the image.

Hope that helps!

I can’t find Stone in these options. Any advice?

You can type in whatever you want. So if you’re looking to replace the countertop, just “mask” over the countertop and describe the look you are wanting

“white marble”
“brazilian quartzite countertops”


I think the resking tool would help

Thanks, how to get rid of items? I use mask, replace. it is not removing item. What am I doing wrong? .

Hi Carol,

Can you post screenshots of your mask and prompt?

Things to try

  1. try different size masks - make sure you cover the object completely and then some. Usually bigger masks are easier for the AI.
  2. try different prompts - sometimes no prompt is necessary but you can also give it a hint by saying things like ‘empty walls’ ‘clean empty countertop’ etc
  3. in some cases giving a prompt a few more tries can get a good result