Lost it's magic & appeal

I’ve always been interested in remodeling very whimsical. I like things that are very close to an almost fantasy theme. The AI used to be able to accommodate that and used to create really amazing designs with the custom prompts.
It can no longer do that. it’s struggling because it seems to only suggest things that are very generic with only a hint of the creative themes that I tend to put into it.
Here’s some examples of before and afters the before or from about a year and a few months ago. Using the EXACT SAME custom prompts word 4 word. this is what is produced now. I’m not sure if this is just a fault of how AI “learns” or if it’s a programming issue. Either way it doesn’t deliver what I need anymore. It might be good for people who are looking for things that are much more toned down and much more generic and like warm cream whites which seem to be inserted into EVERY design like it or not :weary: