Please post your remodel requests

We get a lot of requests for specific tasks like:

  • I’d like to move the TV to the wall
  • I’d like to add a deck on the side of the house
  • I’d like to add a garden next to the entryway
  • I’d like to change the couch to brown microsuede
  • etc

Stuff like this is easily done, but if you don’t know the more advanced tools in the app it can be very hard - so let us help! Just start a topic and attach your photo and describe what you’re wanting to try and let us have a crack at it.

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I want to see my exterior home with a porch added or some type of cover over the front entrance .

The interior staging will be welcomed, as this is a common dilemma

Hi Michella,

I’ll give it a try - can you post the full image instead of a screenshot of the image?

Our weather has been dreary , hopefully I can get a good pic tomorrow, thank you for acknowledging my request

The pics of front of house, requested. I want some type of covering over porch or visualize the home with an added porch . Was told by an awning company, an awning is not possible due to roof lines . I’m aggravated at inability to have rugs & porch decor, due to wind & rain


This is what I came up with. I’m not sure if this is what you are going for but I’m not really picturing something that makes more sense.

I did this exclusively with using the replace tool, but it was kinda tricky and took lots of experimenting.
First I removed the tree because I’m not sure how it would fit with anything there. Then I added a front porch. Then I added the covered section (this was tricky and took lots of experimenting with both the prompt and the mask).

After that the image was pretty weird looking from all the replace operations so I upscaled for this final result.

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I appreciate your efforts , it looks kinda “Blah” doesn’t it .

Did you find any way that a Portico could be added, with the roof line, the way that it is ?

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Yeah, it does. You could make it look better with some plants and decoration, but getting rid of the existing tree would be real sad.

This also adds a new roofline across the front which makes the house look smaller because it lacks the big entryway.

But I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish - do you live in a high snow area and need a covered area outside?

The way the wind blows , it hits the window above door , which is wood trim
& my rugs, plants are ruined by rain & sun . Not much snow, thank goodness,
The tree is nice & provides afternoon shade to the front windows .
A Portico would help & I believe, would look good, if the roof line would allow

I’ll try adding a small portico and see what it comes up with.

Is there a way to add an island in this app

Sure! you can use the replace tool, and insert an island.

I used a prompt like “a beautiful large island kitchen, seats 6”

after that you can do a full remodel if you want.


I’m trying to figure out how to remove a half wall in order to expand my kitchen. Can this app do that?

Just use the replace tool to remove the wall (I didn’t even use a prompt) and then remodel as desired.

In reality this will required checking if thats a load bearing wall and if there is a large header in the upper part, which I suspect there might be.

Thank you for your help!


We are replacing windows and roof. I’d like to see what it would look like to only change those two things. I’m hoping to see a dark grey, almost black roof with black framed windows. And windows with no grills and a single pane for each. I want to go minimal with the windows but I worry it’ll be too church-like.

The AI has generated some great images but I can’t seem to limit the changes to just those two things - windows and roof.


I did my best and showed the process here:

Hope that helps!

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Can you help me remodel this entryway with a carpet, plant, side table and a new chandelier?

Hi Bahfam,

I gave this one a try. Check out the process and results below!