Replace painted space

I just purchased the app and have tried multiple pictures painted and it will not replace with new landscaping. All I get is the dark brown shaded areas in return. I’ve tried multiple preset choices. Ultimately, I’d prefer to set my own trees and bushes in there. Is there an advanced option? What I am doing wrong? Is there a setting on my phone blocking me? iPhone 12

Hi Julie,

I would increase the brush size and give the AI more space to work with by using a bigger mask. The small spots in the mask that are missing will also force the AI to just put grass there because it isn’t allowed to change those pixels - as such it will likely just put grass as thats the only thing that makes sense in that space because it can “see” the grass everywhere including in those spots you missed.

Upload your picture if you want us to give it a try!

I had the same issue trying to do landscaping in my one yard, but it worked great in another area…