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Hi, there!

I just wanted to say how fantastic your app is, definitely the most impressive one I’ve come across! While I absolutely love it, I’ve temporarily unsubscribed from the membership because there are a few features that don’t quite meet my needs.

Interior remodel:

a) resolution quality and even “paint” color reduces or changes too much to be able to use in Photoshop when zoomed in the image. I did use the enhance feature. I have noticed that the enhance button changes paint colors & appearance slightly, even removing objects, like lights that were added previously.

b) I wish that there was a mask option that has shapes, like rectangular or square. The magic wand does not select well enough on shapes, even if color contrast on object compared to the wall it’s against, for example, varies greatly.
I feel like improvement on the masking options to keep flooring in a room the same, for example, would improve the feature greatly! :two_hearts:

c) It would be so great if there was a way to use the app while be able to use other apps while it was rendering the remodel suggestions. The load time can be pretty long for 4 images.


d) Using the mask feature to edit the image does not render new items for me when adding written prompts.
For example, if I mask my gray shutters and ask Ai to change them to cedar stained wood shutters (even adding more specifics
with different tries), it does not render the shutters really any different.

Just some thoughts! This app has really helped me so much. I just wanted to share my experience on certain features, if you were looking for some customer insight.

Thank you! :pray:

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What an excellent comment!! I very much agree with your opinions, I would even like to add a few more For example:

Outdoors as well as indoors the option to preview The style, modern, classic, etz

The improvement option, I really feel that it worsens the image in my case, I need the smooth white wall, when I press improve it puts a stone-like texture on it and it damages my work

But like your friend, delighted with the app, I use it practically daily! But we would like it to improve much more!!

These are great suggestions thank you!

a) you can try the ‘accurate upscale’ in the interior editor. it will be more accurate, but will add less details on the upscale.

b) thats a great idea!

c) you should be seeing about 20-30 seconds while doing a render. Are you seeing longer? I guess you could use other apps while doing this by just using the task switcher.

d) make sure you give the mask plenty of room to work with. if you miss a few pixels it will be very resistent to change color because it “sees” a unmasked pixel and it knows the new color will match that.

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