Upload pictures

I can’t upload pictures. I have checked given access to photos any suggestions?

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Hi Wendy,

Sorry about that!

android or ios?
Can you send a screenshot or describe what happens?


Hello. I am having the same issue as well with iOS

Can you post a screenshot of the issue?


I’m having the same issue. When I go into my phone’s settings, it doesn’t give me the option to give permission to access photos.

I’ve seen this happen when you accidently deny the app access to photos when it asks. It can be very annoying to “undo” that action sometimes. Apps are not allowed to ask again on iOS so you must do so manually.

To do so go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Photos > Remodel AI
Or go to Settings > Remodel AI > Photos

And select Limited Access or Full Access - either are fine.

The problem is that sometimes these options are not available and you will have to uninstall the app, restarted your phone, and reinstall the app, and sometimes wait for some period of time on top of that due to some iOS issue we are investigating.