Waterfall island help

How to add a waterfall island? I’ve tried multiple wordings but ended up with an actual waterfall or cabinets only. Actual photo and photo of style desired.
We will keep the dark gray cabinets and wood floor.
Range will be in island still and wanting to add small pantry or corner cabinets on back left.

I did this in two steps.
I used the replace tool and tried to get it to fill in the area where the island extension and waterfall should be with a prompt like “countertop waterfall extends to floor, granite, marble”

It took a couple tries and tends to mess up a lot but eventually it got close but not with the waterfall:

its not really a waterfall but it doesnt matter, you just need the shape to be correct. It seems hesitant to do a waterfall on a kitchen that isnt modern looking for some reason. Probably because it was not popular during that era?

and then i went and did a full interior remodel:

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I finally got it to do it good enough for vision by adding
Verbiage marble panel!!
I’ll try that one too.

Thank you for the feedback!!

Awesome, you can also use the replace tool to “clean up” the room virtually before to get a bit better results.

Like removing the chairs (and dog?) at the bottom and the stuff in the back corner.

Just a thought - hope that helps!