What happened? Has the app changed?

Have noticed the quality of the results is different now than when I first subscribed a couple of months ago. They aren’t great, terrible, in fact.

I’m using it for our exterior and the images that are returned depict something no one would ever do to their house. Or sometimes just a colour change and a couple weird horizontal trim pieces all the way across the front. For both renders.

Previously, the results were stunning – creative, different colours, siding, lighting, but still real, still doable. I subscribed instantly and for a few weeks it was wonderful. But now, I’m about to unsubscribe. So disappointing.

What changed??

Hi CeeGee,

Hard to say without some examples or seeing what tool you are using. Do you have some pictures?

No, The exterior remodel AI has not changed recently. We are however now producing higher resolution images.