Why is the app only generating 2 images at a time

Getting really frustrated. It’s taking forever for anything to generate, then when it does its only 2 images at a time, when it used to be 4. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times to no avail. My phone is updated. Anyone else having this issue? I’m about to cancel my subscription.

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Having the same issue as the post above. Very annoying. Would love to go back to 4 reurned results every time.

Want to mention the quality of the results is also different now. Terrible, in fact.

I’m using it for our exterior and the images that are returned depict something no one would ever do to their house. Or sometimes just a colour change and a couple weird horizontal trim pieces all the way across the front. For both renders.

Previously, the results were stunning – creative, different colours, siding, lighting, but still real, still doable. I’m about to unsubscribe, too.

What changed??

Same here; I’m going to remove this app if it doesn’t return to the same quality in the next couple of days. I’ve been trying look at landscaping ideas & the end results are the exact copy of my original pictures.

Hi all,

In order to address any issues we need examples or actionable feedback. Do you have images? What tool are you using?

The reason you are getting 2 images instead of 4 is because we are producing 50% higher resolution images.


I would prefer the 4 images as a lower resolution than 2. Also, hate the constant resizing of the image when making alterations. That is also probably happening because of the resolution. Please return to the “old” 4 image and lower resolution. Many are unhappy with the new results.

What do you mean by “constant resizing of the image when making alterations”
What kind of alterations? Where are you seeing resizing?
Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?
(maybe this in the editor? not sure…)

“Many are unhappy with the new results”
Can you provide some images? We have yet to receive any actionable or descriptive feedback that shows worse results but plenty of data that supports the opposite.

Yes! The resizing in Exterior Editor is hard to use

Oh I see! Thanks for posting that.
That is a “cropping” step and should be resolved now if you have an image which is already an appropriate size.
Give it a try on v0.5.3

I have not used for a few weeks and noticed that the app is only generating 2 results. This is not very helpful and time consuming. Please put back to 4 result pics!!!

Good news! I’ve gone from 2 to 3 on some remodels. Hopefully we’ll be back to 4 soon!